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New additions to the site include an article on alternate dispute resolution in Thailand by the Honorable Vichai Ariyanontaka, Judge of the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court.  We also have a commentary on the new Trademarks Act by Khun Satyapone Sachdecha and Mr. James Pate.

In other developments, since the recent election of the new Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, the general outlook on the economy has brightened.  Hopes have hinged on the new national asset management company (AMC) to take over non-performing loans (NPLs) from Thai banks as one remedy to the Kingdom's economic problems.  The new Prime Minister's political party. Thai Rak Thai (Thai Love Thai)  ran on an ostensibly staunch nationalist platform.  Members of his cabinet have alluded to stricter controls on foreign business.  Nevertheless,  whether this rhetoric comes to fruition remains to be seen.  Thaksin's roots are in the business community and it is hoped that his experience will help jumpstart the economy.  

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