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Thailand Private Investigator--Should I investigate my Thai fiancée?

By Chaninat & Leeds

Jake’s world came crashing down after the instant messenger window unexpectedly popped up and he discovered his Thai wife’s infidelity.

Jake had forgotten his laptop at the office that fateful day and when he got home late he urgently needed to send an e-mail. His Thai wife of two years, Suraniya, was out shopping and had left her computer on the kitchen table. He turned it on and was typing his message when the “ping” that forever changed his life rang out.

“Hello darling. Is your husband working tonight?” the message from “John” read. “Please come to my condo. I have a new negligee waiting on the bed for you.” 

Is a Thailand Private Investigator Necessary?

Jake – who asked that his real name not be used for this article – never once suspected his lovely Thai wife would be unfaithful. His friends had urged him to hire a Thailand private investigator to check out her background before they got married. Better safe than sorry, they said. He didn’t listen.

They had met at a nightclub after he relocated to Bangkok from Wisconsin and instantly fell in love – or so he thought. Suraniya told Jake she had been a waitress in a bar and did not make much money. She had a foreign boyfriend who lived in Singapore who paid her rent and bills, only visiting her occasionally.

Suraniya was beautiful, charming, and funny and Jake vowed to win her over and marry this Thai girl that captured his heart. They were quickly engaged and Jake married his Thai fiancée a year later.

He paid a dowry to Suraniya’s family “up-country” in Isaan – the first of many such payments he would make over the following years.  Jake was good-hearted, well paid, and he would do anything to please his Thai wife. When her father fell ill $9,000 was needed for heart surgery to save his life. Her brother’s restaurant was in financial dire straits after a corrupt accountant cleaned him out – another 6,000 baht was required, Suraniya had told him. And so it went, on and on and on. 

Yet, Jake never thought twice about it. His wife came from an impoverished family. He had money and was happy to help her take care of her family – an act that only made her more noble in his eyes. Jake was blindly in love.

The devastating instant message from her lover changed all that, and Jake snapped painfully back to reality. He decided to find out how deep his Thai wife’s deception descended.

A friend recommended a private investigator in Thailand who had dealt previously with such sordid, though not uncommon, tales. The investigation found Suraniya had never parted ways with the boyfriend in Singapore. She continued the relationship clandestinely even after becoming Jake’s fiancée – and later his Thai wife.

Jake also learned from the private investigator that Suraniya wasn’t just a waitress previously, as she had told him when they first met. She had worked in a go-go bar in Soi Nana for several years before her Singapore-based boyfriend bought her out.

Their marriage in Thailand had been based on lies and deceit. Ashamed of his naivety, Jake filed for divorce and returned to the United States. In reality, he had gotten off lucky. His Thai wife was never able to convince him to buy property in her name, as a foreigner often does if they want to own land or a house in Thailand.

Other expatriates who naively trusted unscrupulous Thai girlfriends and got married in Thailand were not so fortunate. Many have lost their entire savings after buying homes in their Thai wives’ names, only to be expelled later from their own property.  

This by no means suggests that all Thai women are scoundrels eager to clean out the bank accounts for their farang partners. However, countless incidents of such occurrences exist.

Before marriage, if there are any suspicions the relationship with a Thai fiancée may not be on the up-and-up, it would be prudent to consider steps that could prevent devastating heartache and potential financial disaster down the road.

For example, be extremely suspicious of frequent requests for significant sums of money for dubious reasons. Any telephone calls that lead Thai girlfriends or fiancées to answer in English, hit the “silent” button, or exit the room for privacy should also set off alarm bells.

There are many reputable private investigators in Thailand who are well-schooled in investigating Thai girlfriends and fiancées. Many marriages in Thailand are happy and long-lasting, but it never hurts to take precautions if tell-tale signs such as those above often occur. A small investment in a private investigator before marriage in Thailand could go a long way in future happiness.

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