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US Immigration Information
A special section on US Immigration and processes for obtaining a variety of US Visas information is available at US Visa Immigration Articles .

Thailand Divorce
Find legal articles, issues and related laws on divorce with the following list of resources for Divorce in Thailand

Thailand Prenuptial Agreements
The resources for Thailand prenuptial agreements are to provide general information to individuals considering registering a prenuptial agreement.

Thailand Business Law
The business law center provides general legal information and corporate issues concerning Thai and foreign businesses in Thailand.


This is an online publication for legal laws and academic articles by legal experts in Thailand. Thailand Law Journal explores the areas of Company Law, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Economy, Family Law, General Thai Laws, Trade and Treaty Laws and Agreements, Land Laws, The US and Thai Law, and other laws in Southeast Asian neighboring countries.

Featured Popular Law Articles:
Family Law of Thailand
by Wimolsiri Jamnarnwej. This article discusses the foundations of the Family Law of Thailand, with an analysis of betrothal and promise to marry, marriage, grounds for divorce, property of husband and wife, and spousal maintenance. .Read on
Thailand Prenuptial Agreement: US Law, Thailand Law and EU Law Compared
by Jonathan Leeds. This Article examines Thailand prenuptial agreement law’s conflict to different nations or states in the United States of America. Read on
Intellectual Property and International Trade Court: A New Dimension for IP Rights Enforcement in Thailand
There was nothing much to distinguish Tony Shaughnessy from the thousands of other new expatriate arrivals in Thailand. Read on

Find Thailand lawyers by expertise
the types of Thailand lawyers practicing different areas of law detailed in this article provides a complete, comprehensive overview of the attorneys and law firms in Thailand

These various types of attorneys practice international law and/or serve foreign clients in Thailand. A short section is also included on lawyers that may be unlicensed and yet still offer legal services in Thailand. Read on

See Thailand lawyers for a comprehensive list of law firms and attorneys based in Thailand.

Thai Criminal Laws Popular Articles
US International Law Enforcement Cooperation Case Study in Thailand
Jonathan Leeds - This article analyzes the unique legal system of Thailand and cultural heritage as it presents special problems and issues when confronted by the interdiction of the United States government agencies such as the DEA. These issues include the principles of Sovereignty, Conflict of Laws, and the practical implementation of binational law. It also examines the effects of such extraterritorial imposition of law enforcement power by US agencies upon foreign legal systems, particularly the Thai legal system
Prominent Extradition Cases in Thailand - Snaring Minor Offenders to Big-Time Crooks

by John Le Fevre -This article examined extradition treaties in sovereign nations and cited common reasons for extraditions being refused or not granted. The article further cited Thailand’s record of highly publicized and drawn-out extradition proceedings of renowned big time criminals.

More popular articles are found in Thailand Criminal Law and Thai Criminal Justice System

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Thailand Lawyer Blog
Thailand Family Law Center
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Thailand Divorce Attorney Blog
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