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Thailand Divorce Information

Individuals facing a divorce can be overwhelmed by information regarding legal process.

The following links are intended to help provide more understanding of the Thailand divorce process:

Divorce Law of Thailand – This is the actual text of Thai law from the Thai family code. Recommended read for understanding the legal issues around Thai divorces.

Thailand Divorce FAQs – Find answers to the most commonly asked divorce questions in Thailand from this site.

Thailand Divorce Lawyers - Resources for finding a qualified divorce lawyers in

Thailand Divorce Settlement Agreement – Divorcing couples in Thailand may find this resource information as alternative dispute resolution processes that may help to reduce the emotional and financial costs of divorce in appropriate cases without going to court.

Child Custody in Thailand - Child custody disputes between parents can arise in the course of a divorce case in Thailand. Find legal issues surrounding child custody in Thailand from this link.

Child Support Law in Thailand – Link to information and legal instructions about child support in Thailand.  

Thailand Divorce Article – Information and link to an article that examines true-to-life account of intercultural marriages and divorces in Thailand that turned deadly.